Dr Mohit Gupta
M.B.B.S., M.S., FIOS

Founder of the hospital is an excellent surgeon and a very good human being with a golden heart. He received his education(MS) from well reputed Regional Institute of ophthalmology, Bhopal. He has also gained experience from:

  1. I care – Noida: cataract surgery (Phaco surgery)
  2. Aravind eye hospital – Madurai: Eye plastic surgery
  3. Dr Om Prakash Eye Institute – Amritsar
  4. Vardan dharmarth netra chikitsalaya – Muzaffarnagar.

He has an experience of thousands of cataract surgery and is an excellent phaco surgeon in our city. He is also specialist in Eye plastic surgery and deals with many conditions as  listed in website in details.

Dr Anju Gupta
Managing Director

Apart from managing the functioning of hospital, she makes artificial eye under the department of Real eye. Known for her skills she has experienced making of hundreds of eyes and has converted lives of many people from ugly to beautiful.

Patents come with a damaged eye, ugly face, depressed mind, dejected social life and suicidal tendencies. By making an artificial eye which look real she not only rectifies their facial beauty actually gives them a new birth.

Mr Gaurav Mittal
Hospital Manager

Harbours his dispensary in the name of Krishna Medical store. Helps in proper functioning and coordination in the hospital. He plays his unexcelled role in ensuring proper and well coordinated functioning of the hospital. Always ready to help everybody at odd hours,  He councils the patients very well and maintains discipline in the hospital.

Consultancy Charges: ₹ 500, Emergency Charges: ₹ 1000, Minimum Waiting Time, Appointment no.+91-9410203370