Artificial Eye

What is customized artificial eye: Artificial eyes are made for the patients who have lost vision in their one eye and are left with an ugly looking, painful blind eye. Surgery, if needed is done to remove the contents of eye and give volume and shape to the socket(empty space where artificial eye is fitted). If damaged eye is totally dead and has lost sensations then artificial eye can be placed over the dead eye.We customize the making of artificial eye according to patient’s normal eye in following steps:

  1. Impression of the socket is taken which helps in making correct size artificial eye which fits well in the socket.
  2. Wax module is made and carving is done to give a better shape to the eye.
  3. Acrylic eye is made and size is confirmed again.
  4. Painting of eye is done as per other eye to match the eye according to other eye.
  5. Finally lamination is done and artificial eye is fitted into the socket.

Readymade artificial eyes available in the market don’t fit well and they don’t match the other eye. But customized artificial eye made as explained above looks near natural.

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