About surgery : Cataract is a disease in which natural lens of eye becomes opaque. In cataract surgery we need to remove this lens and place another one. In olden days surgeons used to make a large cut in eye to remove the cataractous lens and place new non foldable lens.

Cataract surgery has evolved to it’s extreme in today’s world. Now we use phaco system to remove the cataract and new foldable lens is implaned through a small incision. We are equipped with highest quality machines for our patients. International machines include Nidek keratorefractometer, biomedix ultrasound scan for calculation of lens power. Latest microscope and phaco surgery Alcon(American) machine help us doing very safe and precise surgery.

Micro phaco surgery : In micro phaco surgery, pin hole size port(1.8mm) is made to facilitate cataract removal and extra foldable lens is implanted in eye. No anaesthesia(injection) is required. Surgery helps the patient to attain near normal vision with great satisfaction. This is the latest technique with minimal trauma to eye and produces minimal astigmatism.

 About lenses: 

Hydrophilic foldable : Foldable lens with very good qualities. Very popular because of it’s cheaper rates.

Hydrophilic with blue filter : Hydrophilic with blue blocking properties (blocks ultraviolet blue rays of sun) which helps in retina protection in old age. 

Hydrophobic :  Hydrophobic material of this lens is very much compatible for human eye. It reduces many lens related complication. Fits well in lens bag, reduces glare and PCO formation.Also available in blue blocking property.

Micro phaco lens : Known for it’s extra foldability and can be placed through a very small pin hole incision which facilitates micro phaco operation.

Multifocal lens :  Along with the above mentioned properties it has many layers which facilitates distance as well as near vision.

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